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Condominium and planned development law is the practice of law that involves: (1) serving as counsel to community associations, property owners, community association members, sellers, purchasers, developers, lenders, governmental agencies, and investors in matters related to community associations and planned developments; (2) drafting governing documents or their amendments, and preparing filings with governmental agencies that regulate community associations or planned developments; (3) serving in or for governmental agencies which regulate community associations or planned developments; (4) representing parties in construction lien and defect claims, collection of assessment actions, governing document and community association statutory enforcement and dispute actions, and other litigation, arbitration, and mediation in matters relating to community associations or planned developments; and (5) planning, development, construction, and financing of condominium or planned development communities.


Real estate law deals with matters relating to real property transactions including, but not limited to real estate conveyances, title searches, property transfers, leases, condominiums and cooperatives, interval ownership, mortgage, zoning and land use planning, real estate development and financing, real estate litigation, and determination of property rights.


Appellate practice deals with recognition and preservation of error committed by lower tribunals, and the presentation of argument concerning the presence or absence of such error to state or federal appellate courts through brief writing, writ and motion practice and oral argument.


Landlord/Tenant law involves the representation of landlords and tenants in contract issues related to leases and rentals of commercial and residential properties. This area also includes matters related to deed restrictions and homeowners associations.


Mortgage foreclosure law deals with the legal issues relating to the banks right to a property if payment has not been made and to homeowners securing the property procedures are adhered to in the judicial foreclosure proceeding.


Consumer law is the area of law dealing with the legal means and procedures to collect debts and judgments, and the repossessing of vehicles and/or property, and the legal action of taking someone’s wages to pay off a debt.


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